Sunday, January 08, 2006

The DovBear Index

I've been working on this for a few days, and finaly it's finished. Well almost: The following index only covers posts from October 2004 through February 5, 2005, but the next 12 months will be added this week, if possible. Also, this index represents only about 40 percent of the posts from that period, so if you like what you see, there's plenty more.

Funny Pictures
Sleep? With Yeshiva boys?
Tutor wanted

Serach bat Asher
Marrying sisters
Small jugs
The long way around

Jabbing the GOP Jews
Zman Biur Needs Glasses
Charming Wish of the Season
Today's Orwellian Moment

Farah is a fool & Here too
Exemplary Evangelicals?

Courtrooms aren't shuls
Fight terrorism
Did you know this?
Hear o Israel: These are your friends?
Bush Betrayal
Christian Betrayal
Cheney at the Death Camp
George W. Clinton

Cross at Cross Currents
Slifkin Silence
Slifkin Stupidity

Slaughtering sacred cows
Chanuka 1 2 3 4
Mixed Seating


Commenting on the culture (theirs)
Madonna 1 2 3
Fox News 1 2 3 4
Jewish Press: Be Liberal

Readin Writin Racism
Springtime for Hitler

Commenting on the culture (ours)
Hammering Hasidim 1
When Yeshivas Attack: 1
Kashering the Castle

Kaballah 1 2

Chanuka Presents & Chanuka Menorot
No school on Thanksgiving?

Rubashkan v Peta 1 2
Crap Miracles
Aish's Chanuka Antics
Shabbos Chanukah mysticism
Teaching bigotry
Magic by mail

Taking on Theodicy
Tsunami 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9:Bible code

Age of the Universe
No thinking
Action Alert
5000 Years old? Not according to Chazal
Feldman's follies
Plaut's follies

Stealing Kids
Thanks for nothing
Papal sins

Maoz Tzur
Slapping Christians
Vox Populi

Rav Kook

Metziztza Palooza 1 2

Lazer Brody 1 2 3 4 5
Shmuly Boteach 1 2
Not the Godol Hador First contact Again
Bill O Reilly 1 2 3 4
Dennis Prager 1 2: Loves Christmas
Yehupitz 1 2 3: pounded 4 5
MoChassid 1 2
Gil Student 1

Arafat Death Watch 1 2 3 4
God bless his soul
Media criticism
Blogger criticism
Dishonest Reporting
Beating a dead terrorist

Pounding the President
Charles Johnson: [W is an] ignorant puppet
Menken attacks
A boy and his boat
Which one doesn't belong
Never go against the family George
Medals for Morons
Bowing to Satan
Bad to Israel

Election 2004
Rav Elyashiv's endorsement
Wolves: We're not terrorists
Bush Hearts Osama
Disrespecting Clinton
An Election Day prayer
Dirty Tricks
God bless the voters
Happy about the results
Sad about the results
Don't care about the results
Let those people go

Funny posts that don't fit
So you don't have to
Help me grow
Sheik's obit
Ding dull
See ya Safire
Miraim v. PETA
The next Protocols is...
Kosher Matzot
Star Wars Christmas Albulm

Favorites that don't fit
My first post
Aich omrim "thong" b'ivrit?
What would the Vishnitz Rebba say?
Jewish Blood is not cheap
Put on your yarmulka