Friday, May 18, 2018

The Gaza Crises

Fact: Thousands of Gazans, including an unknown number of Hamas fighters, tried to storm the Gaza border. Many of these Gazans had the specific intent of infiltrating Israel and doing as much damage as possible, including killing and or kidnapping Israelis.
Fact: The IDF held the line, stopped the infiltration, and in the process killed 62 Gazans, with more than 1,700 receiving wounds needing hospital treatment.
Ultra Extreme "Pro" Israel Response: Only 62? SHAME ON THE IDF! Why didn't those losers kill ALL of them???
Extreme "Pro" Israel Response: Hooray!! Awesome!! 62 dead people!! Next time try for more!!
Moderate "Pro" Israel Response: The IDF is pretty much perfect. I am sure those 62 people were chosen carefully and for good reason and no mistakes were made. If you disagree, or think this needs to be talked about or examined you're clearly an anti-Semite, liberal, Israel hater who wants Jews to die.
Of course, I don't really think people who talk this way are actually pro-Israel as their words, attitude and behavior serve only to disgust normal people and drive them away.
UPDATE: Here are some of the things normal human beings might say;
Normal human being response A: The use of force and final fatality numbers doesn't seem disproportionate to the violence and frenzy of the alternative, but I wouldn't question the loyalty of someone who wanted this to be looked at more carefully.
Normal human being response B: I am deeply troubled by the loss of human life, and I don't know what moral principle licensed Israel to open fire on thousands of people. And I say this while also recognizing the role of Hamas in organizing the event, the intention of many people to enter Israel and rampage and the fact that Israel showed restraint. Still, as there was no immediate, clear, present danger to human life, I don't believe Israel had license to indiscriminately spray live bullets.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trump, evangelicals and the embassy

Why didn't superJew lover Donald Trump ask a Jew to deliver the opening or closing blessing at the embassy dedication? 

Aren't there any Rabbis in Israel? 

Instead he selected two of the lowest, most despicable forms of evengelical life to invoke God's name at this historic moment. To kick things off we had the idiot who thinks Jews are all hell bound and to wrap up the party we had the idiot who sees Hitler as a divine agent. 

If you're wearing blue and white underwear you're unlikely to care. After all moving the embassy is what matters, right? Sure, but the choice of preachers drives home the point that the decision to change embassy zip codes was not made because Trump loves Jews or cares about Israel or God. It was made because this vulgar, immoral, adultering, non Christian, criminal wants evengelical Christians votes.