Friday, January 20, 2006

Go Go Google!

If one side in a dispute takes "Don't be evil" as it's watchword, what might we presume about the other player? We're speaking, of course, of the Justice Department's argument with Google, the fine and magnanimous company which delivers DovBear to you, day after day, at no charge.

According to the newspapers, the humorless drones in Justice want Google to hand over information about what people seek when they use the search engine. Google's response? Stuff it. Meanwhile, Yahoo and Microsoft both rolled over and went to fetch the Attoreny General's slippers.

As for the administration, can't they be content with listening in to our phone calls, B.S.-ing their way into a war, stealing money from Indians, and enriching Halliburton while frittering away a $650 billion cash surplus? Do they also need to know exactly who among us is looking at naked pictures of Jennifer Aniston? (Not me.)