Friday, January 20, 2006

Why do they pick on me?

A round-up of some of the very stupid things peoople have said to me over the last 24-hours.

HirshelTzig: "Using page loads rather than unique visitors as a counter is deceiptful and cheap. But hey, whatever makes you feel good, man.
HirshelTzig Homepage 01.20.06 - 9:57 am

Yes, which is why I resisted doing it for almost a year. However, every other bigish blog counts its visitors that way, so my choices were (a) play by their rules or (b) continue to look bad.

Warren: Shilling for votes is beyond acceptable. If I cared about awards, I'd write to the people who run this one, whoever they are, I haven't bothered to click on their link, and suggest that next year anyone who puts a "Welcome voters" on top of their page, or asks for votes, should be disqualified. Get back to work, all of you, and whoever wins, don't make a big deal about it.
01.20.06 - 6:03 am

You're aware of course (or perhaps you're not) that most every blog does this, including Cross Current, the one and only blog I really want to beat (and not for the privlage of putting some banner on my sidebar, by the way.). Cross Currents has had a whiny little message begging for support at the top of their site for almost two weeks. I resisted doing that until yesterday (though I did indulge in a not-very-whiny blogad) Have you objected to Cross Current's practice? Threatened to snitch on them? (It isn't againt the rules to shill) If not, please STFU.

Moishe Potemkin: ...every time we libertarians pop our heads up, guys like Charlie and DovBear assure us that the government only wants what's best for us, and that they're incorruptible so long as they're Democrats. Uh-huh. Sure.

Moishe, you have never heard that argument here. One of the themes of this blog is that men can't be trusted. They are all corruptable. Which is one reason why we find it so frusterating that GOP libertarians like you have handed the president a blank check. As for the government, see Madison (If men were angels... etc.) Government, a necessary evil, works best when it is transparent and inclusive, with rules of procedure that are fair and respected. Not when it's all reduced to the will of the executive.