Thursday, February 10, 2022

About the mall robbery in Yonkers

I am sick unto death of the caterwauling that has been polluting my news feed regarding that daylight robbery in Yonkers. Half of the idiots are blaming democrats and George Soros and any other left of center bogeyman they have heard about on Fox News for "empowering the criminals"; the other half are mad the rent-a-cop didn't perform a criminal act and gun the felon down right there in the food court.

I've tried to explain to these worthless people that Tennessee vs Garner makes it unconstitutional to use deadly force on a fleeing criminal. I've tried to explain that neither the shop, nor the mall, nor the other tenants would agree that a wild west gunfight is good for their brand or their business. I've tried to explain that losing stock is sometimes simply the price of doing business, and a huge international chain like Louis Viton sees the loss as a rounding error, not something over which to risk the life of a bystander.

But what I really want to say is "Boo hoo a rich guy lost something he had insured and that didn't cost too much in the first place. Oh agonies. Where are you law and order people when cops are gunning down black people on the streets? Where are you when a mob of insurrectionists are trying to hang the vice president? Cheering along, that's where you are. So don't waste my time with your rehearsed yet equivocal pieties about law and order and the decay of society.