Friday, January 06, 2006

Answering my critics

The President of Iran says that he hopes Sharon dies. Doesn't that deserve its own little corner of commentary. Why is it that Dov Bear only posts about the nutty religious right wing and never about the nutty religious anti-Semitic left wing?

The president of Iran is a leftie?!?!? AndIi don't think it's news to anyone that the president of Iran is an anti-Semite with a screw loose. That's a dead horse I don't feel like beating, not least because it makes for boring blogging. Robertson, however, still has fans and defenders among Orthodox and right-leaning Jews. They need to be woken up.

Yisroel Medad:
But getting back to DovBear, after several months of trying to get a handle on his approach to religion and politics, I think it is more a matter of personality and character rather than cogent analysis of policies and positions. What my late mother called "farbissen". Someone is always just bitter about everything no matter what and enjoys criticizing.

Guilty. But here's a news flash: I am not here to do "analysis" or anything dry and boring like that. I am here to entertain you, to make you think, and to slaughter sacred cows. Get with the program.