Tuesday, November 02, 2004

DIRTY TRICKS WATCH I: In South Carolina black people are receiving a letter on fake NAACP stationery claimed that anyone with an outstanding parking ticket or unpaid child support would be arrested, and said voters must bring two forms of photo identification, a recent credit check and a handwriting sample in order to cast their votes

In Michigan Democrats are receiving phone calls reminding them to "Vote to legalize gay marriage by supporting John Kerry." (Kerry opposes gay marriage)

On Long Island about 30 signs supporting state-senate candidate Gayle Slossberg, who is Jewish, were taken from lawns on private property and dumped outside a local synagogue

In Washington the Republican National Committee spliced a DNC recorded telephone call and attempted to peddle the doctored audio file to the press.

In Wolfboro several local homes displaying John Kerry signs had their driveways littered with roofing nails.

In Tallahassee residents are being encouraged to stay home and, instead, vote by phone using the keypad

In Allegheny County, PA people are distributing leaflets printed on bogus, but official-looking, county stationery claiming that the polls will be too crowded. Republicans are advised to vote Tuesday, Nov. 2; Democrats are asked to wait a day.

Is it coincidence that every last one of these nasty tricks is being carried out on behalf of the Republicans? The GOP can't play fair, but DovBear can: send me evidence of Democratic dirty tricks and I'll post them. Email: Yourfavoriteblogger@hotmail.com


Jack's Shack said...


How do you know that all of these are real? And the Michigan calls, are you sure that they are supposed to hurt Kerry.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats play dirty too...
http://www.nbc5i.com/politics/3882943/detail.html (via drudge)

DovBear said...

Yankel - click on the links and -poof- you can see for yourself.

jon said...

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