Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Is this true?

Two rumors were repeated in my presence this weekend about Rav Moshe Feinstein:

First rumor: His children had mixed seating at their weddings.

Second rumor: His granddaughters... how can I say this gently?... had very brief careers in the magazine business.

Can anyone debunk or embellish?

(Note, I am hoping the first one is true, and that second one is false, If anyone can provide the facts, I'll post them so that the next person who hears these rumors and Googles "Rav Moshe's Granddaughter" finds this post, and,with it, the truth.)

Update after forty comments: No one on this thread been able to substantiate the second rumor. All we have is a lot of 20-year old heresay, which suggests it never happened. Good.

Second Update Collected on the Internet (and posted on the comment thread): The story NEVER happened. It was a Nasty rumor put out over 30 years ago, as part of a vendetta by a low life that lost a din Torah, against a member of said family. ANYONE who was IN THE KNOW at the time Knows it NEVER happened...you can CHECK in 50 years of Penthouse, Playboy,[and]- you WONT FIND such a picture there of them - because aside from a vicious slander, it simply DOESN'T and NEVER DID exist.
Glad to hear it.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

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