Saturday, February 05, 2005


Street-corner know-it-alls (DovBear, member) were saying this weekend that Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, the bloodsucking Rabbi who had his reputation ruined on Tuesday by the FOX network tested negative for herpes.

The guy I sit next to in shul had it from his uncle. His uncle is one of several area Rabbis who were called by the mohel on Friday with the news of the negative test.

Meanwhile, the scabdle was good for someone: Rav Moshe's son-in-law, Moses Tendler, got his name in the paper: "'I protested his use of oral suction as violating good medical practices, which he is required to do under Jewish law,' Tendler said. 'Jewish law has recognized there has been an increase in knowledge of hygiene and medical advances over the centuries. It is not a lack of respect for the traditions or Jewish law to use a tube."

Finally, isn't "bloodsucking Jews" an awsome title for a post? For historical reasons, I mean