Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A-Section Ads

Today's results
Underwear ads: 0
Other ads picturing women in their skivies: 0

Eytan Kobre: 0

Sigh. This is getting boring. DovBear was right. Eytan Kobre was wrong. His post about the Times was a bunch of lies, based on adverts that don't exist, and now thanks to him, we have underwear ads on the brain, too. Yawn.

Hey. You know what would spice this up? A ground swell of reader animadversion. Are you up for a ground swell?

Here's what to do: Write to Yaakov Mencken demanding an apologiy and an explanation. Ask him to apologize for publishing Eytan Kobre's groundless attack on both the New York Times, and the rules of logic. Then ask him to explain how such a petty and foolish exercise in slander and misinformation found its way on to a blog that proudly calls itself a "well articulated perspective on Torah issues of the day."

If all goes according to plan, Eytan Kobre will be fired from his post at Crosss Currents. Immediately afterwards, we'll offer him a job here. Assuming he can do something about his vile politics, his brand of sarcastic, slandering half-lies would fit in well here, don't you think?