Saturday, January 15, 2005


This week, the story of Borat at the Rodeo was all over our monkey-see-monkey-jew bubble. (Examples are at Jewschool, The Yada Blog, and Isreally Cool.)

This new Borat escapade brought to mind Borat and the Congressman, another outstanding Borat / Ali-G prank. As you who pay through the nose for HBO may recall, Borat went door-to-door campaigning for James Broadwater, a conservative Christian smug-Jesus freak who was also a candidate for Congress in Mississippi's Second District.

One Good Move has a brief transcript from that episode:

Borat: I want to go to this place heaven. Which religion must I choose to go there?

Broadwater: The Christian Bible says that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

Borat: If people choose the Jews, will they go heaven or hell?

Broadwater: Well, I would have to say that they would go to hell.

Well, of course, after Broadwater saw himself telling the truth, as he sees it, on television, he decided that what he said, was not in fact what he meant. Into CYA mode he went, and out came a mealy-mouthed statment, professsing Christian love for Israel and the Jews, a statement we are very pleased to fisk for your amusment. I am in red.

Several people have expressed concern over my statement that Jews will go to Hell.

Frenchmen and Northern liberals no doubt.

That was direct response to a direct set of questions about who God will let into Heaven.

And therefore?

John 3:16-18 clearly states, as do many other Bible passages, that everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will spend eternity in Heaven, while everyone who rejects Him will spend eternity in Hell, because he has rejected the Only Begotten Son of God.

Yes. That's exactly what we don't like. Nail on head.

Maybe I should have refused to answer such a pointed question that was designed to cause conflict, but to say that everyone goes to Heaven would be lying, and it would be heartless, giving people a false hope.

Yes. Because you know best. If it is in your head, it must be true. Can anyone say MADE-UP-MORALITY???

Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and millions of Jews over the past 2,000 years have accepted Him as such.

At the point of a sword.

It is my prayer that many more will do the same.

I'll bet.

And, by the way, I seek to bless the Jews (please see Genesis 12:3), and for some time I have had a logo on my website which says, "I am a proud friend of Israel." And I always will be.

Oh goodie. Look freak, no matter how many "I Love Israel" bumper stickers you put on your jesusmobile, we heard what you said, and we know what you beleive. It is also true, that the only reason you fundamentalist creeps are "friends" of Israel is because the Jews are supposed to be sacrificial pawns in your little rapture story, and the streets shall run red with their blood. Oh, yes, a friend indeed.

The Bible says, "Silence the mocker and strife will cease," and this stunt pulled by HBO is just one more reason why I believe that the liberal, anti-God media needs to be brought under the strict control of the FCC, and that as soon as possible.

Suh-suh-say WHAT? What is this evil fascist doing in politics? Oh, so, someone makes fun of you, gets you on tape speaking your mind, and now you demand that the government forcibly silence them? Yes, I too cannot wait for the FCC to silence everyone with whom I disagree.

There you have it folks: Mississippi - where we can't wait to convert the Jew, and where we're all for local government when it comes to keeping black boys in their place, but the moment somebody does something we don't like, send in a strong federal government to take control.

Can I get a amen Yahoo?

Note to Mochassid: Who's politics did you call misguided?