Thursday, December 02, 2004


Our new friend Lazer Body published a post today arguing that attempts to make peace with the Arabs are doomed to fail because the Rabbis taught: Le'olam Esav soneh l'Yaacov (Esau (and his decendants) will always hate Jacob (and his decendants))

Lazer even supplies a map of the Middle East with this helpful caption: Jacob's real estate is the little country in the middle by the name of Israel. Esau's holdings are all the surrounding countries.

Um, Lazer... not that we don't adore your commentary on current events, and we do love the way you take daas torah to new and absurd heights... but, well... you goofed: the Arabs are decendants of Yishmoel... not Esav.

(And who are Eisav? The non-Jewish group right-wing Jews adore most of all: Christians. But that's for another post)

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