Thursday, December 16, 2004


Dear Rabbi Yehupy:

Like you, I am appaled that the French-sympathizing liberals are permitted to listen to gangster rap and to play devient video games such as Grand Theft Auto. I also share your opinion that we Jews have much to learn from evangelical websites. However, in this one, isolated case both you and the devoutly evangelical website you put forward as a religious authority are missing the point.

No one in the government is forcing you to play video games or rap music. If you think GTA is bad for your kids, shut it off. Or hide it. Or - and hold on to your hat for this "wild" suggestion - don't buy it.

I, however, don't have that option when nativity scenes and Christmas scenes are out on public property. If it's on the public square, I can't hide from it, and I can't keep my kids from seeing it. In every sence, the government is forcing me to recognize it. Moreover, my tax dollars help to pay for the public square. Should I be asked to finance the display of Christian symbols? Of course not.

As I've argued before, Jews are best protected when the government is nuetral on matters of religion. For 2000 years Christians and Christian governments have been our enemy. American Christians have done nothing to suggest that they are different. When the government (or the ACLU) marganalizes them and their religion, we are better off.

With Torah, Navi and Ketuvim Blessings,
Dov Bear
Torah True Jew