Friday, March 05, 1999

UOJ's Letter


My entire life I've been battling corruption in the rabbinate in all its ugly forms, shapes and colors. There is no corruption that is worse than clergy corruption.

In business, as in life, if you're astute, you realize early on, that you will get hurt by people, generally the ones "closest" to you. That's because you naturally let your guard down with people you surround yourself with. That could be family members, business associates, fellow members of your community, etc. The hurt is often perpetrated because of the trust you bestowed on your "perceived" trustworthy relationship.

Rabbinic corruption is the absolute worst form of corruption that a Jew can experience. We expect people that having dedicated their life to preaching and "practicing" the wisdom of a Torah-observant life; to simply stated, practice what you preach. So when you discover that to be a misnomer, an absolute falsehood; that the rabbi gets to selectively choose what "they" will practice, many times at the expense of the law, truth, ethics, morals, and the Halacha, you rightfully have the duty to get enraged and go to every legal length to expose this evil, especially if it hides under the guise of Halacha and cloaked in black clothing and beard....

I recently read the book "The Wicked Son" by David Mamet. He is one very proud Jew.(and a highly successful Hollywood personality)

In one of the chapters he describes the "poor shul", the shul without any donor plaques on the wall. He boldly states that any shul that has donor plaques on the wall is not a shul, a house of God, because God does not give any more credence to the rich Jew who can afford to "buy" a plaque, and one that can not.
Basically, taking that thought one step further, the "gvir" or the rich guy, while he deserves credit for donating funds to the shul; but the fact that he has wealth, or has given money, does NOT make him a better Jew. It's the corruption factor that he alludes to, whether it be money or some other source of sense of power. More so, when the corruption comes to the fore in a coverup, knowing full-well that , not only have you "sinned", you will go to any length to cover it up and sin worse than the "original sin." It's the coverup that got Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Torah Umesorah, the Agudath Israel, Torah Temimah..........

Then we have rabbis, similar to the rabbis of the corrupt Agudath Israel, that will attempt to do anything at all to hide their attempts of coloring the truth, outright lying, creating illusions of truth; even to the extent of committing perjury in a court of law, if that's what it will take to coverup their flawed practices that are in violation of the laws of this great country, that has given us the freedom to practice our religion.

This is the issue I want to address.

Very recently I have come to know that a rabbi has performed a Kiddushin or a Jewish wedding ceremony for a couple, while the woman "was still married" to her first husband. The violation is clear. The rabbi sanctioned this marriage "under the laws of Moses and Israel" while the woman was committing bigamy in the eyes of the law of the United States of America.

This rabbi will be given the opportunity to come "clean", and admit that in fact that he subscribed to a system that is flawed and needs to be corrected. I am informed that this rabbi intends to participate, under penalty of perjury, in a massive coverup of his deeds and that ghastly process of Jewish law, that PERMITS AND SANCTIONS women to marry even though they have not been legally divorced from their previous husbands.

This rabbi, in the winter of his life, had to begin his rabbinical career anew, because he knowingly participated in a heinous coverup of other rabbinical crimes, which at this time, I choose not to disclose.

My message to this rabbi is the following:

Call Lipa Margulies, Yudi Kolko, Shea Fischman, Sheftel Neuberger, Moshe Eisemann, Shlomo Mandel, Yehuda Nussbaum, the Rebbe from Ger, A.M. Leizerowitz, A. Mondrowitz, Moshe Heinnemann, Yaakov Hopfer, Shmuel Kaminetzky, Mattisyahu Salomon, Yaakov Perlow, David Zweibel, Tzvi Berkowitz, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, New York Magazine, The Forward, The Brooklyn D.A., N.Y.P.D., The New York Post, The JTA, The Jewish Press, The Jewish Week, The Village Voice, The L.A. Times, The Jerusalem Post............ BEFORE you go into court and knowingly testify falsely under penalty of perjury!

The Ten Commandments, the last time I looked, considered "Thou Shall NOT Bear False Witness", right up there with "Thou Shall NOT Kill", "Thou Shall NOT Covet Your Neighbor's Wife", and "Observing the Shabbos."

The daring Rabbi Hershel Schachter has sanctioned taking to the Internet when lives are destroyed because of rabbi-molestation. Molesting the law and the truth to protect a "sin" that you committed, is rabbi-molestation. It is utter molestation of the Torah. It destroys lives and families. Call the tzaddik Rabbi Yosef Blau; verify my tenacity of going after the bad guys with a resolve that has been unmatched in recent Jewish history.

I have personally examined all the evidence; and at great personal expense and vast amounts of time, I consulted with the expert attorneys of the claimant. You have no chance of prevailing with your distortions. If you lie, even slightly, they will crucify you! They have been down this road before, and have destroyed the lie and the liar.

All I expect is that you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Let the chips fall where they may!

Rabbi, I mean you no harm. As I warned the previous rabbis prior to destroying them, I am giving you the opportunity to do right. Do right for the sake of Right, for the sake of mankind, for the sake of the Torah, for the sake of whatever is left of your rabbinical career, for the sake of the organization that you sit on the bais din of, for your family, for whatever is left of your family name, and most of all for society. When a member of the clergy lies intentionally under oath to a coverup of a "crime", especially after being warned against doing that, the only member of your new next congregation will be Jonathan Pollard.

If you lie, deceive, color or discolor the truth in any manner, I will use my considerable resources and whatever means is available to me to destroy whatever is left of your reputation and will see to it that you and the bigamist are criminally prosecuted.