Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I must be doing something right

Chardal has banned me.

Was it because I called him a chicken hawk? Or because I pointed out that (despite his endless blather about how he wants Israel to be a Torah state) he never posts about JEWS who break torah law. The only thing that gets him and his hooligans excited are Jews who tolerate Arabs.

That made-up law about not tolerating arabs is the only law he really cares about, and it's time we all called him on it.

Thread 1
Thread 2 (fun starts at the end)

Update: Charly the Chicken Hawk now says I was banned for insulting Rabbi Bleich. Here's the comment in question:

Chardal: You only say that because you already had your opinion and then looked for an authority to back it up

DovBear: Unlike you who who, I suppose, played on an Arab soccer team until you stumbled across benjie bliech and saw the light.

As you can see, the only person insulted here was Chardal.