Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A thought experiment by REReader

Referring to the Ann Coulter's little joke about a Supreme Court Justice, my new friend REReader asked us to "imagine the Republican response if a liberal pundit made such a "joke" about, say, Alito?"

Ha. That's easy. Suggest that Alito needs to have his hair cut with, say, a weedwacker and Bill O'Reilly would go on a long and viscious offensive. And anyone who dared to remind Bill that he once made a similar joke about the whole entire city of San Francisco would be added to the enemy list.

No sence of humor, those Rethugs.

Note to trolls (especially the London troll with the Chabad blog who attempted to "ding" me on this point earlier):

No, it isn't ok when liberals are obnoxious and cruel. But..... if it makes you happy, please feel free to fill up my comment thread with indignant accusations using this formula:

"Oh yeah? Well what about when [Some liberal guy] said [something mean]"

...and I will be happy to reply, "Hey: That was also mean." to each and every one of them.

All non-indignant accusations will be deleted.
All indignant accusations using a different formula will be deleted.

We have no mercy