Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did you miss me?

Sorry for missing the morning boys and girls, but here's your sweet summary of stories you won't see on Serandez or any of the other so called "news and politics" blogs.

Dean Destroys Blitzer! Here's what happened, CNN reporter, that hack GOP-tool Wolf Blitzer, tried to spin the Abramhoff scandal to include Democrats. Dean: No Democrat received money from Jack Abramhoff, period. Blitzer responded by asking about Dorgan and Dean replied: No, he took money from Indian tribes but that is not the same thing a staking money from Abramhoff. And then, Dean concluded, in spite of the Republican attempts to deceive the public, this is a Republican scandal. At which point, Wolf just stood there with his mouth open. [Transcript]

No liberals allowed! During the first four hours of the MSNBC's coverage yesterday of the Alito hearing the network interviewed Pat Buchanan, former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist but no Democratic or progressive commentators. [Source: Media Matters] Sources say the networks were going to ask Howard Dean to comment but (sigh) they were afraid of getting "Blitzed."

Chardal was right! I am ready to recant. Yesterday Chardal and I went back and forth until I got bored about how God loves it whenever an Arab civilian gets killed for no reason. Now it turns out Chardal was right. I checked the source and Hillel does say, "That which is despicable to you do unto Arabs. The rest is commentary."

[Incidently, Chardal is remarkably dishonest in his attempts to frame this issue. According to Chardal we (meaning me and my commenters) "would rather Jewish soldiers be killed than Arab civilians."

That is a false choice. The real issue is this: Will more soldiers be saved if fewer Arab civilians are needlessly and carelessly killed? The answer to that question is yes. ]