Friday, December 31, 2004


It's been a while since we fisked someone. Thankfully, Bill's end of the year column provides the perfect opportunity.

Back home, we are coming off of a Christmas season where the federal holiday was bruised and battered by secular forces that see any Christian public display as an affront

Did I miss a news story about Christmas being canceled? Certainly, there were enough lights twinkling on my block to land a jet plane. Now, it is true I offered to phone bank for the "Campaign Against Christmas" and I even sent a handsome donation, but no one got back to me. Come to think of it, I haven't gotten my membership tote bag yet, either. We think this means the campaign didn't get off the ground. Too bad. Maybe next year secular forces!

If you are offended by the image of a baby in a manger displayed in front of public building, you don't need reassurance by a PC columnist, you need therapy. The heroic Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Christian minister whom we will honor with a federal holiday on January 17th. Should we not see pictures of Dr. King displayed on public property?

How many Jews have been killed in Martin Luther King Jr.'s name? How much damage have Dr. King's followers done to the interests of science and medicine? How much superstition surrounds Dr. King’s legend? What did Jesus do to spread the cause of freedom in the world? You may be too stupid to understand this, Bill, but you've created a false analogy. Anyway, moron, it’s not the baby in the manger that offends me. It’s the ideas it represents.

The defamation pipeline that extends from libelous liberal internet sites to carefully selected newspaper columnists to radio and television talk shows is designed to defame and destroy any high profile person who dares fight the progressives.

Oh, if only Bill's side had Internet sites, newspaper columnists, and radio and TV shows!!!

Of course, intimidation tactics also extend to the right, which often smears liberal politicians and commentators. The big difference, however, is that conservatives don't have access to the elite media, and progressives do.

You heard it here first, folks: FOX News, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, and those rediculous cable shows featuring dimbulbs like Tucker Carlson, and Pat Buchananl are not elite media. Neither, apparently, is O'Reilly's own show. But we knew that already.

Unfortunately, I am a warrior in this take-no-prisoners culture war, and it is a brutal occupation. As you may know, I have been slimed every which way for taking a traditionalist stand.

It's hard work being a culture warrior. Damned hard work. And slimy too. Hard, slimy, brutal work -- but it pays pretty well (BusinessWeek: Bill O'Reilly Generates $60 Million a Year).

But back to Christmas:

When I defended public displays of Christmas, I was branded an anti-Semite. When I pointed out the deleterious effect "gangsta rap" has on children, I was called a racist. After arguing for border controls, I was labeled anti-Hispanic. But the topper was an accusation that I "despised the Pope" because I criticized him for not being proactive enough during the priest scandals.

And when he pointed out the cool things you can do with falalfal to Andrea Mackis, he was labeled a "sexual harasser."

Anyway you weren't branded an anti-Semitie for defending Christmas. You were branded an anti-Semite for saying it was Jews who were destroying it.

You know, it's a crying shame the way that old Bill is constantly being martyred -- especially since Bill has stood up for Jesus numerous times, and yet Jesus never returns the favor. You think that Jesus is mad at the way Bill always upstages him?

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