Monday, January 30, 2006

Eytan and the A Section Ads (Day 4)

Still no underwear ads in the A Section of the Times, as Eytan's argument continues to look weaker and weaker.

If you're new, here's a brief summary: Last week, Eytan Kobre of Cross Currents attempted to discredit the New York Times with the following argument:

A: The Times runs lots of underwear ads in the A-Section alongside serious news items.
B: A good newspaper (ie one concerned with morals, the truth and so on) would not do such thing.
C: The Times is neither trustworthy nor moral.

From the begining I disagreed with premise "B," arguing that the fact that the business department might sell a few underwear ads is no reflection on the quality of the articles. But it never occured to me that premise "A" was an outright lie. Given that the Eytan's post was titled "Does the Truth Matter," and given that it apppeared on a site that bills itself as a place where you can find a"well-articulated Torah perspective on the issues of the day," I presumed Eytan was telling the truth about one of his argument's central premises.

Now, after four days of monitoring the A Section, it seems my presumption was wrong. Has Eytan strayed into the realm of dishonesty himself? We'll continue to monitor the A Section Ads, and let you know. But it doesn't look good.

Today's results
Underwear ads: 0
Other ads picturing women in their skivies: 0

DovBear: 4
Eytan Kobre: 0