Thursday, January 19, 2006

Luke Ford's Five Minutes

Is Luke Ford a someone? Apperently so. The man who, in 2005, brought us nearly five months of non-stop blogging about rabbinic indiscretions got a mention in Mark Steyn's rememberance of Moustapha Akkad. (Who? Moustapha gave us all eight Halloween movies, and tried valiently to rehabilitate our image of Muslims before being killed last November in a suicide bombing) The post-mortem, with the Ford citation, appears on page 208 (Bad luck Luke!) of the current Atlantic:
In an interview with Luke Ford for his 2002 book The Producers, [Moustapha] agreed with the author's estimate that Hollywood's muscle was "70 percent Jewish," but reckoned you got along fine as long as you steered clear of certain subjects. "The media runs the world," he said. "No tanks or planes. The media and the public companies. This is what The Protocols of Zion is all about. The Zionists, last century, were persecuted in Europe. So they immigrated to America. They had a target. They were united. They did not permit [statements] critical of Zion. They went all the way to control the world and to control the minds of the people through the media. There's a lesson to learn from them."
And look at that: Stephen I Weiss's old blog, Protocols, the place where Luke did most of his most memorable muckraking was remembered, too.