Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Every Jew Should Know

Here are the first batch of blogs who've written posts about the Things Every Orthodox Jew Should Know.

If you have one, please let me know by email or in the comments. Do not assume I've seen it. If you have already written to me, please do it again.

Treppenwitz:There's a lesson in there somewhere
While not a meme per se... today's post is meant as a response to [am I really doing this???] Dov Bear's request in this post. Specifically, it is meant to relate to #25 (and in an ironic way to #19). [Read on]

Viola Cesario: On DovBear and the Orthodox community
Can I just say how much DovBear rocks my socks? It's the wonderfully clear-headed way he has of criticizing his own community from within, and not feeling compelled to abandon that community because of the problems he sees in it. You've got to respect a guy who can put together such a clearheaded "list of things every Orthodox Jew should know." It's satirical, but not out of malice or resentment. It's religious, but not led by blindness or hate. Here is a man who, as Judah Who Always Said NO puts it, knows how to think. [read on]

Dag:Dov Bear in the crosshairs
I am going to take on two of Dov Bear's challenge points, agreeing with one, disagreeing with another: 2 - It is kosher to take midrashim figuratively and 25 - The biggest reason non-frum people don't want to be frum is: the poor behavior of frum people.[read on] Kashrut Of Not Believing In Magic “You shall not allow a sorceress to live. And a man or woman who has (the sorcery of) Ov or Yid’oni (consults mediums) shall surely be put to death; they shall pelt them with stones; their blood is upon themselves. [read on]

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