Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crooked Jewish Morality

Lakewood Yid:

And I will say this in defense of those who do cheat [on Welfare] There is a budget to welfare (etc) programs. If not me, the money goes to the next guy. Why should a mexican or black deserve it more than me, if thats what will enable me to learn Torah?

Everyone get that? According to LakewoodYid it's okay to lie and to steal, because if you don't lie and steal some poor, brown person will get the money instead. And his justification for this outrage, of course, is that will "enable me to learn Torah."

Sad, that I have to be the one to remind LY of this, but the Torah says lo tignov/don't steal. It doesn't say lo taavod/don't work.


LY writes:
DB,If you are indeed a fair person (which I think you are), please edit the post by adding the following:I wrote that in defense to the commentator who wrote: "Chassidim are notorious as being welfare cheats". This does not mean that I condone it, or that I would do it myself.

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