Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Relaxing Stories

SKOWHEGAN, Maine (AP) - A 43-year-old woman is charged with helping her daughter and two other teenage girls bake cookies laced with a laxative that were then given to a teacher.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) - Two students were charged with insult or abuse to a teacher after allegedly putting a laxative in tea that two teachers drank before the prank was uncovered.
Rookies. Laxatives are funny, but I've known better. One of my classes in high school had a teacher that everyone hated. One student, who had a fire of burning rage for this teacher, was asked by the teacher to go get the teacher a cup of coffee before class started. The student, filled with glee to be doing such a chore for this teacher, went to get the coffee. On the way back, he stopped off at the rest room and peed in the coffee. The teacher drank it and commented about how it tasted interesting. This is a TRUE story that happened in my class.

Assignment bloggers: In the comment section, let's hear your true stories of teacher terrorization.

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