Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DovBear Action Alert

If your local Rabbi stood on his hind legs, last year, and screamed about wigs or water, do DovBear a favor and ask him when he plans to address the sex abuse scandal.

As Simcha noted yesterday in a rare, but welcome display of cynicism, our Rabbis are happy to holler when a Jewish restaurateur is caught anywhere near non-kosher meat, but they are suddenly circumspect when children at risk. Musn't jeapordize the rabbi's income, they mumble. Musn't damage the yeshiva's reputation.

And meanwhile the abidication of responsibility over at Cross Currents continues. The same blog that gleefully spreads lies about irreligious Jews, can't muster the courage to say even one word about Kolko. If they aim to be the "place you go to find a well-articulated Torah perspective on the issues of the day" why are they silent now?

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