Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More on the TU convention

I've finally received a firsthand report from a participant at the TU convention.

He confirmed that:

(1) Rabbi Mayisyahu Salomon of Lakewood endorsed the "no ballplaying with talmidim idea" during his presentation at Seudas Shlishis.

(2) During a public Q&A session with rebbeim on motzoei shabbos, Rabbi Ruvain Feinstein provided some contest suggesting Rav Shteinman comes from a place (Bnei Brak) where working for a living ballplaying is frowned on (In fact, I'm told Rabbi F. quiped that in Israel, he once saw a hagadah, in which the worst of the 4 sons was kicking a soccer ball!) Rabbi F. also said (per my source) that teachers of Torah has his blessing to play ball with their students

(3) Rabbi Avrohom Levin also publicly agreed with Rabbi Feinstein.

Sounds to me like the masses weren't so mindless after all. Perhaps my "Emperor" remark was aimed at an undeserving target.

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