Sunday, May 07, 2006

A better analogy

balabusta in blue jeans easily tops Chaim Rubin horrible -dare I say hateful? - analogy about illegal immigration:

It's a little more like this: a starving man flees a snowstorm by breaking into your basement. You, noting his presence, assign him chores, including laundry, doing the cooking, taking out the trash, looking after your children, cleaning windows, vacuuming, and maintaining the back yard.

He does all of these things in exchange for TV dinners and the privilege of staying in the basement.

He attempts to learn your language in his spare time, but often finds it too exhausting to get to night classes.

He comforts himself with the fact that his children speak it well.

He familiarizes himself with your house, and tries to make it a little more homey for himself by adding some familiar touches. You often like these, but get resentful if you are reminded that they are connected with the boarder in the basement.

He explains to you the common history and architecture of your house and his old one, but discovers that often you find this presumptuous--perhaps because you remember that your lease on this house is quite recent.

After many years in the basement, he has saved up some money, and wishes to buy the house next door to you. He asks to be seen, not as a servant and a dependent, but as a neighbor. His kid now has the local paper-route and is applying to local colleges.You hysterically accuse him of having broken into your basement, and whine that you are out millions of TV dinners. You present yourself to the world as a victim of criminal conduct.

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