Thursday, May 25, 2006

Department of Corrections

Orthomom: DB, you really should issue a correction. This event is by no means organized by the "modern world", as many of your commenters here have already pointed out. To say the "Yeshiva World" is "twiddling their thumbs" is silly in light of the fact that these organizations largely help kids from the "Yeshiva world".

You are right. This event is being organized by people who would not think of themselves as "modern." Thank you Orthomom (and others) for bringing this to my attention.

Though my example fails, the overall point of my post adheres: Lakewood and Monsey are inveighing against the Internet, while child molesters lurk in their camps and schools. Also, the modern world, by which I mean the day schools, have a much better record of attacking real issues like abuse, eating disorders, drugs and so on.

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