Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Readers of blogs would be forgiven for thinking that the Internet is the single greatest threat facing the Orthodox Jewish community, with ball-playing Rabbis a close second.

So for a bit of perspective, I thought I'd share the following email (my comments are in red)

"... lakewood and especially kiryat sefer are teeming with at-risk kids. There are gangs -- gangs literally -- in beitar and elsewhere of nice kids who aren't cut out for full-day learning. [DB: ... where drugs and violence are not unknown]

I can get you babies to adopt from chassidishe single girls in Monroe and Williamsburg. [DB: And I could tell you about the Hasidic swinger groups on Yahoo and MySpace, or about the delivery rooms in Orange County, Rockland County, and NYC where Hasidic infants born with birth defects are left behind, abandoned by their families.]

and the biggest culprits are ........................... internet and ballplaying.

May God have mercy. [DB: And may our Jewish leaders finally step up to the plate]
[Name redacted]

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