Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ship Them Off

I don't understand why any Jews, of the strict persuasion, live in America. America is all about freedom. Strict Jews are all about living in secluded areas, evading the government, and setting up harsh, internet-banning, rules.

All the Jews should buy themselves an island(I saw a nice 2,471 acre island in Brazil for $3.5 plus 200 free cows), move there, set up their own government, and live happily on their private island. Money to buy the island isn't a big deal. Just have a 90 year old rabbi fund it.

I'm talking about taking the idea of Square and giving it a major facelift. If there are different sects with different European Clothing Backgrounds, then get a bigger island to accommodate them all. It may even be a good idea for our government to fund the move; It would be cheaper then the lost taxes they have from non-payments and other frauds.

That's right. Let's ship them off. It's just so they can be happy.

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