Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dropped Torah

Report: "A special fast was observed by members of Cockfosters and N Southgate Synagogue last Sunday after a Sefer Torah was dropped at the shul."

Have you ever heard of a Torah being dropped? I have not. And when we were kids we were told that a 40-day fast was in order if a Torah touched the floor. Of course, we were also told that Midrashim were literal and that Rashi had ruach hakodesh so who knows?

Note: Very sorry indeed if the name of the shul caused your Internet filters to explode (though RenReb that cockeyhead will probably cluck her tounge in the manner of an ancient schoolmarm and insist that "Cockfosters blah blah is its own word, blah blah an original word, not dependent on any previously-existing meanings of the first syllable. blah blah" Really. That's exactly what she said about cockeyhead.)

Maybe the facination with um, exotic names is a British thing. Their favorite dessert, for example, is called Spotted Dick. (Brainstorm: Is Renny a LIMEY?)

Another note: I hope someone groked the little joke I made linking to Andrew Sullivan's site.

Yet another note: Gosh darn it. I just realized I missed a golden oppotunity to say something realy funny this morning. Mary Cheney's book about her dad? Shouldn't it be called "The Only Dick I'll Ever Love?"

And finally: Never mind dropped Sefer Torah. How many days do you think I should fast to atone for this post?

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