Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's sfira. You're not allowed to laugh?

This post was pure antisemitism. I am surprised that you would provide a platform for it, DB.

I dont see that. What was Israels intention if not a place for Jews? This is the same thing.

I love talking about my fellow Jews and how they should be kicked out of our country for not following the lifestyle I choose...Go Ahavas Israel! Go Cousin Oliver and his feeling of inadequecy with his own Judaism which makes him want to take out his hatred on other Jews! Yay!
Daniel Q Blog

I didn't say they should be kicked out (ok, except for the title and the last sentence which were done to be amusing).
I didn't say any opinion relating to them having or not having my lifestyle.
I never ever said I hated another Jew at all.

I think the post explains something that would be super benificial for all parties involved. They can govern themselves without US intervention and deal with their ups and downs as they see fit.

These people are all ready doing it within the US. Im just eleminating the harships they face with our government. Its a win-win.

[DB here, and I think those of you who saw anti-semitism in Oliver's post were shooting from the hip. He wasn't advocating for Jews to be expelled from this country. He was only asking why communities like Square and KJ haven't taken the next logical step. They wish to be alone, so be alone: Buy an island, and live happily, secure in the knowledge that the tumah and contamination you disdain is no longer down the road and over the next hill, but a boat ride away. I do concede that his title, as noted, was awful, and Oliver has been severely reprimanded.]

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