Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wingnut Websites

Man, I love reading wingnut websites. Where else can you find a scary-faced someone illiterately making the case that mastery of English is essential to American citizenship? Where else can you find history so awful a comic book wouldn't print it?

Check this out:
According to some of the suggestions being proposed by our illustrious government - all illegal immigrants if they want to become legal citizens they are going to have to learn English, and forget about singing the National Anthem in Spanish. In other words, learn English or else! . . .or else what? I guess everyone not learning to speak English in a certain length of time will be sent to the back of the class. Then what? Heaven knows - deportation is out of the question!
And what about columnists who misuse ellipses and tie their sentences into grammatical knots? Can they be deported, too?
From the same article:
Okay it’s official — I hope! It has taken 200 plus years for English to become America’s official language. Maybe we missed something here. Did another boat come in behind the Mayflower with people speaking in unknown tongues?
Nope, no other boats came in behind the Mayflower carrying people speaking unknown tounges. Not one. My own sainted great-grandfather swam across the Atlantic, having been denied admission to the boat that brought across my holy great-grandmother after he flunked the mandatory English test. (Great-grandma studied nights.)

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