Monday, May 15, 2006

Delayed gratification

The blogs have been buzzing for two days about Korl Rove's imminent indictment. To this I say: LET'S GO ALREADY! And, with his favorite advisor about to be, um, inconvenienced, is it any coincidence that the chimp is adressing the nation tonight to talk about the marvelous little fake war he's declared on Mexico.

Surely even the yokels (ie: the remaining 29 percent who haven't caught on yet) will see through this?

Dream scenario: Bush starts a war with Mexico. With our regular military tied up in Iraq, Mexico wins and take back the Southwest, including Texas, meaning Chimpy is no longer a U.S. citizen and hence ineligible to be president.

I'm sure the Minutemen will be happy to escort him to the border.

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