Monday, May 08, 2006

Summer Projects

Summer: A wonderful time to tackle forgotten responsibilities. I, myself, plan to finish some important work under my own name, and I hope also to return to the long neglected anthologies. What follows are a short list ofprojects I wish some other bloggers would complete.

MoChassid: You've been one of my favorite bloggers from the very begining, and most of my original popularity is owed to you, and your hat-tips. The only strike against you is you once called my politics "misguided." Your project: Explain yourself. And be sure to address Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, white phosphorus, secret prisons, outsourced torture, warrantless wiretapping, Halliburton's No-Bid Bonanza, The Indian Gaming Scandal, Tom DeLay's PAC Problems, the Pundits on the Payroll scandal, the response to Katrina, the Abramoff scandal, the hooker scandal, and the port deal in your discussion of why Jewish Americans should throw their support behind one of the most incompetant administrations in a very long tme.

Mis-nagid: We've seen very little of you since your old blog folded and you abandoned my comment thread for greener pastures. Your project: Come back with a bang. Give us your list of the "Ten Things Every Orthodox Jew Should Know."

Godol Hador: Your blog's original purpose was to defend the idea of the old universe. But, now, more than two years later we still don't have a single, coherent, documented essay which spells out the case. Your project: Thread together your disparate posts on the subject into one essay. Scour it clean of cheap jokes, rumors and innuendo, and provide us for once and for all with a single, unimpeachable document we can distribute without shame or embaressment to our friends and Rabbis.

Renegade Rebbatzin: We've waited almost a year for you to tell us why men are pigs. Your project: Get it done!

Ezzie, CWY, Naphtuli: Like the good little junior conservatives you are you claim that when government intrudes on the free market, it makes things worse. You all, however, make an exception for immigratrion. The United States has a vast market for low-wage labor, and Mexico has a vast supply-- yet you think the federal government can - and should - keep the two apart, if only it would spend more money??? Your project: Now, that you've begin believing in government's ameliorative capacity please explain how the federal government can rid America of poverty.

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