Tuesday, May 09, 2006

'Spiritual' Steroids

Barry Bonds has one more home run to go until he ties Babe Ruth for second place on the career home run list. Bonds is a steroid user* who reached his homerun plateau this season because of a breakout season in 2001 when he broke a season record and got 73 home runs. Bonds' record is bogus and worthless and doesn't deserve any recognition. It's like using a jetpack to win a race.

I hope he gets booed out of the stadium when he hits the next two homeruns (one to tie, one to break).

If a Jew uses alternate resources, like a good'ole fabraghen, to attain what they perceive as a closeness to God, is it worth anything or are their actions as worthless as a baseball record via steroids?

*From 1986 until 1996 Barry Bonds progressively increased his yearly home runs. From 1996 until 2000 he stayed steady around 40 a year. In 2001 he jumped above his normal range blasting 73 homeruns. Then from 2002 and on he was back to his normal average of 45 a year. What happened in 2001 if not for a jetpack propelling this dude.

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