Friday, May 26, 2006

Man this stinks

Have I got it straight? Are the same people who think it's ok for the Federal government to listen to phone calls and to compile our personal information into enormous databases, now insisting that their offices are protected from properly authorized search warrants?

And how outrageous is it that that the president - the same president who authorized the limitation of our own civil liberties - is now trying to placate the hypocritical whiners in Congress by announcing that records seized in the search of Rep. Jefferson's office will be off-limits to investigators for 45 days?

From where I sit, it looks like Bush and the boys who control Congress are trying to cash-in on a two for one. They get to humiliate a dishonest Democrat and deflect attention from their own misdeeds, while simultaneously securing a policy that disallows searches of their own offices going forward.

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