Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Guest Post from LakewoodYid

LakewoodYid writes:


Just look at these comments;

*Chasidim are notorious welfare cheats.
*The hasidic version is horse crap and excuse making.
*Haisdut is a historical error like Kariasm
*I just realized that the Rebbe seems to prefer gay men to serve him than women
*The big tzadik has spent his whole life immersed in Torah and he can't stop thinking about girls?
*And why is Ger a worthy charity anyway? So the Rebbe can have a Rolls Royce?
*Hasidic Rabbis wouldnt have lasted ten seconds in the time of Moshe, or Dovid, or the Tannaim.

Comments which bash Gedolim, Charedim and Chassidim.

No one says a word.

I make an attempt to defend chassidim from the commentator [DB: It wasn't me. It was, as LY says a commentator.] who labels chassidim as notorious cheats and everyone pounces on me.


Just look at this comment;

'Which is why I think that the non-Orthodox who engage in real tikkun olam, even if they have a cheeseburger or two along the way, are doing more of G-d's work and are likely more assured of a place in the world to be.'

Is that comment more correct than mine? Find me even one Rav who allows cheeseburgers.

Putting aside for a moment the issue of chillul hashem (which is only if they get caught), is eating cheeseburgers on the way to your Tikun Olam meeting any less wrong than mumbling about your income to the social worker?

And no one made a peep about that comment. WHY?


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