Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Isn't there a war on?

I know that Arafat being dead is an important news story, but Arafat being almost dead for several days really doesn't require wall to wall coverage.

Of course I am at least as guilty of this as anyone else (read my Arafat anecdotes here and here. See pictures of NKs visiting Arafat's hospital here and here) But I admit it. That's a virtue, isn't it?

If you are unhappy that I've changed the rules without notice, you
have the courts of [My Home State] for your relief.


Anonymous said...

The main question is where did Arafat hide the 900 million he stole, and how can Halliburton get its hands on it?

DovBear said...

Drudge has an Arafat Dead link
and an Arafat Not Dead link

does that make him a flip flopper?

Anonymous said...

Arafat is like Schrodinger's cat. He exists as a combination of dead and alive states until someone opens the box, observes him and collapses his wave function into one of the two states.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I think this whole story (which you'll note, I refuse to address in my own blog) is a big flip-flop: he's in a coma, out of a coma, dead, not dead more times than a soap opera character.

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