Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Ok men... we have 80 yeards to go, two minutes on the clock, and we're down 51-48...

The New Republic prints a pep talk for American Liberals. Superb. Made me want to run out and burn my bra. Or something.

Here's the money quote:
But the many millions of Americans who believe that the tax code should be more fair; and that one of the ends of government is to bother itself about its neediest and least fortunate citizens; and that the morality of the market is not all the morality that a society requires; and that the Bible is not the basis of a democratic political order, or of our political order; and that robust stem-cell research, and science more generally, is a primary social good; and that gay marriage is a question of equality and not the beginning of the end of civilization; and that American troops must not be sent to war ignorantly or dogmatically, or without the means to win; and that the good reputation of the United States in the world is one of its most powerful historical instruments--the many millions of Americans who believe these things are not wrong. They are merely not a majority. But they are a very large minority.
I defy Burry Katz or his accessory, Issac Kaplan, or for that matter any other self-proclaimed Jewish Conservative to find fault with this.

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DovBear said...

I take comfort from the rest of the article. It was a call to arms, an argument that our side is the side of light, goodness, holiness, and, even, perhaps, potato kugel.

I liked the list, though. It neatly sums up why we matter, and why we must win.