Thursday, November 18, 2004


Yes, so what? The heaving pukes at InstaPundit have spotted Miriam Bloghead. Big deal. Sniff. I noticed Miriam months ago. And she's published loads of posts more likely to further the neo-conservative agenda than the silly cartoon that finally earned her InstaPundit's notice.

Still, let's hope this is the start of a hot new trend. Let's hope other big league bloggers follow Insta's lead and look to the Jewish blogosphere for insight, wisdom, direction and cartoons.

Let's hope the heaving pukes at Daily Kos notice me.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

I hear you. I'm totally ready for my closeup.

Anonymous said...

the "heaving pukes" noticed Miriam because I sent them a link worth that I thought worth their notice.
If you post anything worth forwarding, I'll do the same, but honestly, Miriam has a very good eye IMO.

DovBear said...

Much obliged. And who are you? Instapundit's j-blog correspondent?

And... won't insta, um, hold my politics against me?

Anonymous said...

*I* hold your politics against you (not your bottom line on the issues, mind you, but the specific points you argue).

DovBear said...


And also, how about a psudonym for yourself, so I know you if I see you again.