Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Furgie, Duchess of York, is the latest fluff-for-brains attempting to 'get' spirituality by taking a meeting with Berg, the Kabbalah Centre's cultish mastermind. (The pompous spelling is theirs.) Weight Watchers, binge-eating, marrying princes, now kabbalah. Is there anything that fat, unhappy, red-head won't consider?

Is Cookie looking a gift horse in the mouth? Attention "all" and also "sundry": You are forever banned from the chestnut-copper corridors of Heimishtown. She doesn't like you. The rest of you, though, can go have fun.

Prez pardoned the annual thanksgiving turkey today, though, as many have noted, Tom Delay has yet to be indicted. No matter. His Republican chums are working to change the rules, to allow the Majority Leader to keep his job, even if he must work from jail. Which is, of course, what Gotti did. And speaking of turkey, psychotoddler eats it. On Thanksgiving. Like you, we're very disappointed: No one has joined the thread we launched in his comment section about the equally non-Jewish nature of upshurim.

Honest Reporting's headline screams "Arafat receives a glamorous send-off from the world media" but their own story is a mess of quotes taken out of context, quotes and cartoons that disagree with and even undermine their own headline, and only a few examples of the world media getting the story wrong. I counted three. In other words, "Honest"Reporting wedged the facts into their pre-established template. Is this what they mean when they scream media bias? Oh my.

Also: Enough crying about the font CNN chose to decorate the word "Arafat." It doesn't matter, only an idiot thinks a font can rehabilitate a monster like Arafat, and, anyway, nothing CNN does makes you happy anyway. You're like a mother-in-law, with CNN playing the part of the girl who married your son, and now gets criticized, regularly, for using red potatoes instead of Yukon potatoes in the kugel. Which is not to say the daughter-in-law is always innocent. But let's choose our fights.

Here's something you'll be talking about in shul this weekend. Not that you talk, of course. But if you need something to make hand motions about bein gavrah l'gavrah this is it. Personally, I agree with the commander: Don't wear a kippa if you're racist, please.

We promised disgusting pictures of W, and here we go: horrifying George Bush inspired religious art

And of course, now I'm waiting for Simcha to say hello to me, too


John W Leys said...

"Is there anything that fat, unhappy, red-head won't consider?"

Don't you think that comment was a tad bit harsh?

DovBear said...

Is she fat? Check. Unhappy? Check. A redhead? Check. So where was the harshness?

If you represent her estate, please convey my apologies and warning: normal people don't mess with Burg.

Now, fluff-for brains THAT was harsh :)