Tuesday, November 16, 2004


A close study of voting patterns in Ramapo, a town in Rockland County, New York, reveals an anamoly. New York, you'll recall, is among the bluest of the blue states, yet here is how certain election districts in Ramapo voted:

District 35
Bush: 805 Kerry: 12

District 40
Bush: 283 Kerry: 31

District 41
Bush: 404 Kerry 21

District 55
Bush: 748 Kerry 9

District 58
Bush: 782 Kerry 7

All the more strange when you consider that Ramapo, overall, was evenly split: 19950 for Bush and 18859 for Kerry

Well, perhaps not so strange. It will surprise no one to learn that the out-of-step election districts correspond with Kaiser, New Square and Monsey, all strongholds of Vishnitz and Square Hasidim, where bothersome chores like thinking for one's self are routinly outsourced to dynastic spiritual leaders.

And dynastic rulers, we know from experience, are sometimes available to the highest bidder.

Source: Scroll down to "Ramapo"

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