Tuesday, November 16, 2004


After nine days with no posts he still has no love for dovbear

I've put the words "Jewish" and "Music" together in many posts, which is usually all it takes. Still Blog in Dm does not find me worthy for inclusion in his little link drops.

That's his mistake.

I have it on good authority that before Cara linked me she was, as they say, "nothing, nowhere, nobody." And today? Let's just say, she's engaged, married, pregnant, on her way to California, rich, famous, beautiful, and on TV.

So Hasidic Musician, no more coy and subtle hints from these quarters. If you're smart, do what Cara did. AND GET TO KNOW ME!

UPDATE: In fact, Cara was abducted by aliens (who married her, impregnated her, took her to California, etc, etc, etc) As of right now, we are distancing ourselves from responsibility, and interviewing possible scapegoats. Colin Powel is available, and we all saw the great job he did taking the fall on Iraq. Tomorrow: our "Mistakes Were Made" address. Mochassid has been retained to provide legal advice. (We pay in kugel.)


Jack Steiner said...

California is the place to be.

Anonymous said...

Figures the space aliens would take her there. It's home base for strange creatures.

Anonymous said...

what is the rate of exchange, dollars to kugel?

Anonymous said...

Lovin in lovin it lovin it.

Dovie is the best