Friday, November 12, 2004


Thanks Luke, for bringing to my attention, the Yuhupitzer Rav, who seems overeager to prove that any shmo with a keyboard can pretend to be an Orthodox Rabbi in the great big blogosphere.

In yesterday's installment Yehups insulted Simcha before arguing, less than coherently, that we shoudn't waste time thinking about the halacha. At least not when we're sad or happy. He goes on to suggest that the essential differences between misnagdim and hassidim can be boiled down to this: Hasidim don't follow halacha. Oh, and Misngadus "stinks."

In today's installment Yehups, sorry Rabbi Yehups, suggests that Liberals are more intolerant than Conservatives, using Mo Dowd and Jame Smiley as his examples. Perhaps he's forgotten which side claims the absolute monopoly on moral truth, blows off the world, talks to Jesus, and regularly denounces the rest of us as godless, degenerate and depraved. (If he's going to let Mo D speak for all of us, I suppose it's fair for me to hand the Wrong Reverend Jerry Fallwell around his neck.)

Again, the self-proclaimed moralists have allowed us a peak inside their heads, and it isn't pretty.

PS: Yuhupy also says, "While the world is treating that vermin as a respected elder statesman and all-around saint..."

It seems to be an article of faith on the right that Arafat's legacy is being sanitized. I've only read the New York Times obituary which seeemed, to me, to be pefectly appropriate. There was no white-washing. If you've seen an *American* paper going easy on old Yasser please let me know.

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Gil Student said...

For what it's worth, Yehupitz is a friend of mine and is a legitimate rabbi. He also had the courtesy to e-mail me his comments.