Sunday, November 14, 2004


A few last minute Arafat links

CNN sends Arafat a "hallmark" (via Yuter) Love the swirly script text, but who knew their art department had anything left after Reagen?
UPDATE: CNN changes their graphic. Is this an act of repentance? Is Yuter impressed? Or does he think that CNN's graphic department should continue its search for a font that suitably honors Arafat's victims.

The final four years, a Harpers Timeline.

The New York Times writes about Palestenians who are glad to see Arafat go. So it wasn't just us Jews, who made Arafat kiddushim? Glad to hear it. Alert LGF.

Arafat is gone, and Bush might be ready to talk to Europe about getting the peace train back on track.( Will Bush snuggle up to Europe? ) Some of you in readerland who hated Clinton's policies might now be agitating for an Ohio recount.

Here is the picture the New York Times put above the fold, on the day of Arafat's funeral. It shows Palestenian children with dirty rags on their heads and guns and knives in their hands. They look like mini-Yassers. The clear implication is that these terorist-in-trainings are Yasser's legacy to the world. Question of the day: Is this the photo you'd have chosen for Page 1 if you wished to sanitize Arafat's legacy?

Adam Shapiro, late of Yasser's compound, cries for Arafat and his people. Seriously. Who let this weepy Taliban sympathizer out of Ramalah? Can he be sent back?

The National Review's Andrew McCarthy pulls no punches. If you doubt Mr. McCarthy's manhood read this article. An editorial from the other side of the aisle, tells the same story but the writing is better at The New Republic.

Robert Satloff, of the Weekly Standard, considers the next move for the Middle East and dreams out loud. Beware. This is the same sort of irresponsible fantatsizing that made a mess out of Iraq. You can't impose a democracy on people using guns. In my view the cover of his magazine this week is insuffieciently negative. Arafat looks almost clean-shaven. Alert honestreporting.

And finally, our friends at Kesher, have uncovered rough drafts of Arafat's tombstone. Whatever they put on it, and wherever they put it, DovBear will not be making a special trip to dance and urinate upon his grave. This is because I hate waiting on lines.

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