Thursday, November 11, 2004


The Vatican offers a fond valedico to Yassir Arafat They're only slightly less distraught than the BBC.

Some highlights:

"May God, in his mercy, receive the soul of the illustrious deceased"

"The Holy See joins the pain of the Palestinian people for the passing of President Yasser Arafat. He was a leader of great charisma who loved his people and tried to guide them towards national independence""

Though there's no confirmation from the Holy See, the smart money says that Jesus took time off from his busy schedule of accepting praise from triumphant red-staters to help the Holy Father pen his weepy farewell to the terrorist heavyweight.

Anyway, I'm confused: Does the Arafat-praising Pope fall to his knees before the self-same Jesus wwho works his wonders through George W. Bush? ... and isn't George Bush a noted friend of Israel, and isolater of Arafat?

Are the Pope and W working with the same Jesus or is Jesus flip-flopping on Israel?

I'll let the value-voters (who are comfortable putting our country in the hands of clerics "because moral law is absolute") stew on that.


Jack Steiner said...


You are turning into one prolific poster.

DovBear said...

Does that make you happy, or does it make you sad?

Jack Steiner said...

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. RedRum, RedRum. I didn't consider being happy or sad, just pointing out the obvious. It is my second job.

Anonymous said...

"They're only slightly less distraught than the BBC"

Gee, it's not hard to turn into a prolific poster if you steal your lines, word for word, from other bloggers (andrew sullivan).

That's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up. It isn't pathetic. Its blogging. You can read 6000 other blogs, or you can read someone like DovBear, who anthologizes.Take your pick, jerk.

And you sound like a jealous creep anyway