Wednesday, November 17, 2004


My dear friend Hector (Chaim Moshe Mendel), is to be married this Sunday. To honor the occasion, I've prepared a heimish note of congratulations, suitable for posting on

OMG!!!! MAZEL TOV Hector!!!!! I am sooo happy for you and can't wait to dance all night at your wedding. I knew you and Imelda belonged together right around the time when she got preganant. I know!!! And those NCSY advisors sed U wold never settle down. Theyz wer such dorks! Hey, remember that time in Israel when you got caught dealing in the bes medrash, and you got thrown out? Oy, those were the dayz. May you two love-chickens be zoche to have a long, happy, and happy life together 4eva, and build a bayis ne'eman b'mhayra b'yomanu!!!! Seeya at the Shmorg!!!! Love, Me(duh!!)

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