Thursday, November 18, 2004


It rained today on Bill Clinton's "Gala Grand Library" opening shin-ding in Little Rock. Must wet dresses follow that man everywhere he goes? In other news, I wonder what kind of library Al Gore will get. A broom closet? A hot dog cart? And yes, I am aware that in mocking Al Gore I am belittling a man who almost went all the way.
NOTE FOR THE HUMOR-IMPAIRED: The business about the wet dress is a crude joke. If you do not understand I will not explain. Go back to you vanilla milk shakes.

Some idiot in a white coat was trying to jab people with flu shot vaccine near my place of employment this morning. The lines were long, the traffic was terrible, and it took me many additional hours to arrive at my desk, close the door, and begin blogging. Score one more win for frivolous law suits.

I'll just say it again, the West Side Stadium (or "The New York Sports and Convention Center” as Cablevision czar James Dolan screams it in his nightmares) is a bad idea, so bad the Yehupitzer Rav might say, and I quote, "the stadium proposal, along with misnagdus 'stinks.'" Also, Selena Roberts of the Times doesn't want Madison Garden to become the World's Most Irrelevant Arena. We concur.

Somewhere ChayyaiSarah is breathing a sigh of relief: Just three days after one vapid ratings stunt, Stephen I. Weiss announces another: he's closing Protocols (yes, smart guy, we also thought Protocols ended six months ago) Frankly, we don't care so long as Ford's towel stays on and nobody hugs. Only 20 more shopping days till the big special farewell episode on December 8. We hear all the elders are planning to gather for one last round of naval gazing. As usual, Kraut will not be permitted to talk.

In all seriousness, we like Luke Ford. He knows how to write, which is rarer than midos in our bubble, and he was never wary of sharing his influence. Perhaps he'd deign to guest blog here one day.
UPDATE: Ok, maybe not.


Elianah-Sharon said...

Thanks for the update...I was getting worried about you. Everyone knows *I* am the next guest blogger here! :)


Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Re: the end of Protocols . . . well, the blogosphere will certainly be a little more . . . um . . . boring . . . I guess . . .