Monday, November 22, 2004


Victoria Gotti is filing assault charges against the boy who beat up her two sons at a Long Island mall last week. And, no, "filing assult charges" is not a clever mob euphamism along the lines of "he sleeps with the fishes." At least not so far as we know.

Nonethless we have this friendly advice for Mr. Frank Rossi, the father of the boy who thumped the Gotti brothers: Run. Fast. As fast as you can. Now. And get some plastic surgery, to go with your new name, if you catch our drift.

And because we like Italian, we'll add this, too. Before you head off to Arizona, go to that Gotti woman, on your knees, with lots of witnesses around, and say: Nun sacciu, nun vidi, nun ceru e si ceru durmiv / I know nothing, I didn't see nothing, I wasn't there, and if I was there, I was asleep.

Otherwise you and your boy are both going on a milk carton.

[Source: New York Post Online Edition]

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