Wednesday, November 17, 2004


If you read today's link drop you saw this already. I'm re-running it because I am bored.

"Honest Reporting's headline screams 'Arafat receives a glamorous send-off from the world media' but their own story is a mess of cherry-picked quotes, quotes taken out of context, and also quotes and cartoons that disagree with and undermine their own overexcited headline. There are only a few examples given of the world media getting the story wrong. I counted three.

In other words, 'Honest'Reporting wedged the facts into their pre-established template. Is this what they mean when they scream media bias? Oh my.

Also: Can we please finish crying about the font CNN chose for the word 'Arafat.'? It doesn't matter, only an idiot thinks a font can do anything to rehabilitate a monster like Arafat, and, anyway, nothing CNN does makes you happy - ever. You're like a mother-in-law, with CNN playing the part of the girl who married your son, and now gets criticized, regularly, for using red potatoes instead of Yukon potatoes in the kugel. Which is not to say the daughter-in-law is always innocent.

But let's choose our fights.

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